Restaurant Construction

Honest, competitive pricing that fits your budget

At ACT Construction we understand how important budget is to the successful expansion of your retail operations. Over the years, we’ve developed a system of project management that maximizes the efficiency of our workers, subcontractors and equipment while producing the highest quality workmanship available. And because we’re committed to doing your project right the first time, you’ll benefit time and time again by using ACT for all your business construction needs.

Dependable scheduling means timely completion

The timely completion of a project may be the most important aspect of starting a new store. We know that each day your store isn’t open, it’s not making money for you. We’ve developed a rapid, fully coordinated system to build your store quickly and efficiently, enabling you to speedily begin profiting from your new business.

Building big brands even bigger

Over 30 years of restaurant/retail construction experience has given ACT Construction knowledge of the importance of maintaining an efficient build schedule and a strong basis of communication with our clients. We’ve established a reputation as a restaurant/retail construction company that excels at ground-up restaurants, finish-outs, strip centers, and larger projects among others. We’ve worked with clients on a wide variety of projects in 48 different states and have developed a reputation as a reliable company that people can trust for high-quality construction work.

Over the years we have developed relationships with corporate clients and negotiate all work we do with them. Negotiated work is all about relationship and understanding both parties are going to get the job done on time and within budget. From pre-construction to punch list, ACT Construction has you covered with any restaurant or retail project.












$60+ million

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